Different Ways To Acquire A Pet

Basically, there are three ways to acquire a pet, namely, adoption, purchase, and gift. This article will briefly detail each of them:


This is the greatest gesture of love when looking for a pet. Animals in shelters do suffer as they have usually gone through homes or were rescued from environments where they were not wanted. Luckily this road is taking increasingly popular since people are now more aware and sensitive to the tremendous abandonment of animals. There are institutions, private and mixed entities, as well as state-sponsored entities seeking the common good. They accept animals of all kinds, young, old, troubled or very healthy, and provide them a temporary or permanent home.They take care of the health of the pets. Interviews were made with potential adoptive families and are trying to choose the right one for each pet. Choosing this option involves multiple benefits such as helping these organizations continue doing their job and give a home to an animal that has been through a terrible situation such as abandonment.

Purchasing pets from pet shop

This method is less desired compared to adoption. Many people around question why encourage the sale if you can adopt. In pet shops, you can find all kinds of species, and if you choose this path, observe the treatment they give to animals and the facilities in which they have. Breeders is usually another option. Visit the farm, see the treatment of animals, parents, and papers that show some dedication of these traders who often do little more than maintaining the validity of the race through the years, as pure as possible. Finally, there is Internet shopping. Is not recommended because many times you won"t see the pet that you bought before paying for it. In the case of choosing this option, request health certificates, pedigree, health card and any kind of guarantee that you are getting what you pay for. Remember that you have to report animal abuse. People who are enriched by the trade in living beings must ensure their good physical and psychological health.


Giving pets as a gift often gets a bad press because in general, the animals end up with people who were not raised to have a pet, or worse, are not aware of what a pet represents. The decision should always be thoughtful with their pros and cons and only if you want. Remember that a puppy, whatever species it is should not be separated from the mother before eight weeks. We have to respect what nature teaches us.

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